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sleep.... sleep.... sleep like dog
couple days of last have been rough... i' ve been stuck in bed.
bed ridden i think they called me. does not matter i am enjoying this time to rest! ha ha ha
my loss to macho man has only sent more reporters to my home. they want to talk to me of losing in america. i tell them i spent two weeks in america and all i came back with broken jaw! HA HA HA
head is still hurt.

i am reading of these bottles going around from a package i sent joe long time back. they seem to be bad bottles... maybe bottles of drink gone bad. they might not be shipping with proper care DO NOT DRINK THE DRINK IF IT DOES NOT GLOW NO GLOW MEANS GOING BAD!!!

i wonder for hippo...

i can't handle it!
it is getting warmer here in russia and it's uncomfortable for me in lab...

for the first time in a while long cold winter while i have been scholded by my trainers
there are lots of cameras and papapizza's outside the lab waiting for me to talk to them
but they want me to stay quiet
[it might be these medications they are having me take i feel quite hot... robust if you want to be saying it.]

ha ha ha
ha ha ha

macho man declares a rematch, and I gladly accept it i already feel much better after having rock bath refreshilizing

it might be time
ooosh back from cooking out time im tired and thirsty!!!

i was thinking it might be time i gave my red head friend back his keyboard
he might be needing it soon
his seven no eight or was it nine days of being good is nearing an end
he can type as much as he wants

da... it was dirty with lots of crumbs the assistmen cringed when i brought it in

i would drop it off for him but i already flew many times today and manager is getting mad at expenses even though i only bought one new pair of underoos they are not too much nyet
so it is going to ireland first class! ha ha ha!

feverish chug
it would appear the night sleeps with motion movies wasnt only shared by me
lunatic joe, blonde girl, hugger, macho man, and even red head boy all had distinctly same sleep
what happened to soda was stabbed multiple times by a lunatic joe swear his eyes were shot with blood
i dont think was killed by anyone maybe heard lots of noises little girls screaming and buzzing of bees then everything went black
dont like that place will work on sleeping
i only got to pull three tons yesterday with teeth
maybe i must push self more now to six tons
and drink six dozen boxes of vodka
yes my training will help sleep being better

orange fizz
HA! what is this dumb program? how am i talking to people with electronic screen?!!??
i am thirsty!!! must get drink!!!